Our Company

NCC (UK) Ltd are a medical device manufacturing company based out of the midlands, just north of Birmingham. Established over 30 years ago we have amassed a significant amount of experience in the design, development and production of various types of stainless steel tubing, cannula and assembly products.

We have a broad customer base both within the UK and internationally, supplying O.E.M. products to small and multinational size companies. The company can offer our experience and technical design support in AutoCad format, from development through to final product supply.


Our History

Founded in 1988 when N.C.C UK, as it was known then, was established as a sales outlet for Nihon Chushashin Kogyo Co. Ltd or N.C.C Japan. Due to clear signs of growth in the UK market we established our UK manufacturing facility in 1992.


1992 : First UK Manufacturing Facility


Here at our first premises located just outside Tamworth, north of Birmingham, N.C.C UK introduced a class 100,000 cleanroom facility whilst establishing the ISO 9001 quality standard.

As the company continued to expand its customer base and become more of a player in the UK medical device industry the decision to change to a limited company in 1995 was made and with that came the creation of NCC (UK) Ltd.

2001 : The Next Big Move...


In 2001 NCC (UK) Ltd made the next location change as the companies continued growth and market expansion led to the requirement of a larger, more capable working environment. A site closer to the centre of Tamworth was acquired, where a brand new class 8 cleanroom was built.

In 2004, the cleanroom area was expanded in order to accommodate the next step in our production capabilities; the introduction of injection moulding. This allowed the company to expand to a wider range of products utilising the injection moulding process including Spinal, Epidural and Cardiology applications.

Also during this period we introduced the ISO 13485 standard to accompany and compliment our already established ISO 9001 Quality Management System. 


2017 : Our Current Home...


In 2017, we were again on the hunt to find another location. At the top of the priority list was a more modern, fresher site with better logistical access which led us to our current location; just outside of Tamworth centre on the outskirts of an industrial area with the additional benefits of a semi-rural setting.

With this move it gave us the opportunity to invest once again into our production and facility capabilities. A brand new class 8 cleanroom was created along with new purpose built manufacturing areas as well as upgrades across the board to our IT infrastructure. This was also the period where we transitioned entirely over from ISO 9001 to the more stringent, medical device specific, ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System.

With these improvements NCC (UK) Ltd are now better placed than ever before to meet the high demands required by ourselves and our customers.